Weather Holds – All ground orders are subject to weather holds for extreme temperatures. We close out-of-state ground shipments from approximately June through October each year. Recipients will be notified prior to their order being released for shipment. Wine is a precious and heat-sensitive product. We do this to protect your investment!

Cold Chain Shipping – We are excited to offer FedEx Cold Chain service as a summer shipping solution. FedEx Cold Chain is a seasonal refrigerated transport service designed specifically for the wine industry. The wines are picked up at our facility in a temperature-controlled truck, sorted and consolidated at a temperature controlled facility and then loaded onto temperature controlled line-haul vehicles. Once the packages reach their destination hub, they are offloaded and delivered via FedEx Priority Overnight network in most cases by 10:30 am (some delivery commitments are 12:00pm or 4:30pm for those more remote addresses).  Delivery time is approximately 2 weeks depending on your location. Please inquire with our team for pricing and the best summer shipping option for you.

Customize your shipping experience – Use FedEx Delivery Manager to customize your shipments. Ask for specific delivery times, redirect your wines while they’re en route, apply vacation holds and more, all within the app or on FedEx’s website. Learn more here.

Adult Signatures – It is required by law that an adult (21 years or older) be present at the shipping address provided to sign for your wine shipment. Legally, wine shipments cannot be left without a signature. We strongly advise shipping to a business address to minimize the possibility of a missed shipment. Customers are responsible for additional shipping costs associated with missed deliveries. Please note, we cannot ship to a US Post Office Box.

If you have questions about wine shipping, please contact or 707-996-3328 x 105.